As leading family and divorce law firm,FamilyLegal has an outstanding reputation built up over years practice in this field.

The psychological aspects of family law are highly complex. Dealing with families in conflict, often emotional and highly charged, requires special sensitivity and a broad array of skills. A good family lawyer must have, in addition to substantive knowledge, the ability to listen, to counsel, to investigate, to negotiate, to plan, to draft, to defuse conflict, to advocate and, when necessary, to litigate. Recognizing that out-of-court settlements are vastly preferable for their clients, and with the growing burden on court dockets, an increasing number of practitioners are using (and becoming trained in) alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and private judging.

Our attorneys can advise you on all aspects of relationship breakdown, including the financial implications and arrangements for your children.

Through our award winning team of family lawyers in our Lugano (Switzerland) Milan (Italy) and Madrid (Spain) offices, we now offer the first and only truly international family law service to clients with interests in such jurisdictions.