• deed of marriage or integral abstract of the deed of marriage (to be applied for at the Registry Office of the district where the marriage service was held);
  • family certificate for Swiss citizens (issued from the Registry Office) or family status certificate for foreign citizens (issued from the commune of residence or domicile);
  • one’s own certificate of domicile and, if available, that of the partner, too, to be applied for at the own commune of domicile;
  • one’s own certificate of wages and, if available, that of the partner, too, or a substitutive document of incomes, e.g. old age and survivors insurance, pension fund, disability fund, additional services, etc.;
  • the last tax return notified to the tax authority;
  • the last notification of taxation received from the tax authority;
  • the documents concerning the current household expenditures: for example, the lease agreement, the balance of accessory expenses, heating expenses, mortgage interests and amortization mortgage, the sickness insurance policy, medical and/or dental expenses, the home economics insurance, the real estate insurance, the private civil liability insurance and the comprehensive insurance for motor vehicles;
  • the certificate of the pension fund and, if available, that of the partner, too.